2015 Trends to Remember

Posted March 12, 2015

So far in bridal this year we’ve seen some classically stunning styles. We are absolutely in love with the trends we are seeing from soft pastel hues, lush peonies, copper mugs, glitter everywhere and wooden farm tables. Take a peek at 15 lovely highlights we’ve seen this year that are sure to stay.


Pretty Pastels

Less color is better this year and we’re not seeing much of a pop in color. Soft palettes of blush, white, cream and champagne have been popular for 2015.


Classic Beauties

Peonies, hydrangea, spray roses, garden roses, ranunculus and sweet peas are the go to flower. Since the color palette of the flowers are so pale this year, brides are using gold, silver, cooper and even mercury glass vases to make them pop.



We’ve seen everything from cooper mugs, vases and even chairs. Moscow mule anyone?!


Sweet Cakes

An array of mix matching cakes adorned with soft colored flowers will be a hit this year.


Trend in Décor

In order to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere, wooden tables, chairs and benches have been used as well as white twinkling lights to give the ambiance of a homey yet elegant feel.


Glitter Glam

Need I say more? We’ve seen glitter used in all different forms from sequin tablecloths to DIY glitter vases.


Bridal Accessories

Flower crowns have been popular amongst brides instead of using the traditional veil. It adds color to any gown and puts off a relaxed, ethereal vibe.


Wedding Invitations

The fonts used for invitations (also used for chalkboard art) have been extremely unique and elegant. Watercolors and pastel hues have been used and create a soft and romantic appeal.


Bridal Gowns

We’ve seen a number of off the shoulder wedding gowns, particularly lace trending on the runway this year. Covering your shoulders is not a concern any more with brides moving away from traditional church weddings. The off the shoulder gown offers a very timeless and classic look. If your gown is strapless try adding an off the shoulder bolero to add a bit of fashion forward style.



Comfort food has been trending for years now. Brides have been using southern foods such as mac & cheese, pulled pork sliders and other items which can be categorized as a “rustic menu.”



The famous mason jars, burlap and lace are all still considered trendy and probably will be through 2016. Couples are beginning to trade them in for pastel colored containers, chalk painted vases and fluffy peonies. Loft spaces/restaurants and art galleries are popular this year and create a stylish ambiance.


Rose Gold

This beautiful hue adds a touch of antique & pretty to the mix. We’ve seen the color used for wedding cakes, vases, and even chairs.



The bride and groom have been creating their own choreographed dances and allow the bridal party to sing, dance and twirl down the entrance. This has been becoming more popular amongst couples and bridal parties.


Tulle Skirts

This may not apply to your actual wedding day, but tulle skirts have been super trendy and fun for a bridal event. We love a full tulle skirt paired with a beautiful heel.


Free Falling Blooms

Most of the flowers look like they have been selected from a wild garden and non-floral elements can be found such as fruit, berries and acorns. The finish is rather unconventional and striking. Centerpieces are no longer placed at the center of the table, but are hung from above. Floral chandeliers are another way to allow for space on the table and will create an ethereal feel.



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