We want our couples to shine on their wedding day & give the guests a peek into their shared interests, personalities, and style. Thoughtfully selected elements make our hearts sing! Understanding your favorite places to visit together and building a friendship with you is so valuable to us.


We love romantic, natural settings and merging traditional elements with signature details to make your wedding completely your own. We are most inspired by watercolor, airy photos, natural textures, wooden pieces, and carefully detailed simplicity, all of which we strive to incorporate creatively to reflect you using the highest quality materials.

Discovering new places to visit, spending time outdoors, and exploring my current home state, Texas are some of my favorite ways to relax. I seek inspiration through my surroundings and find a great deal of joy when I learn something new. In my free time I can be found shopping at Anthropologie or spending time at a local café. I love finding really unique pieces of furniture and apparel for a great deal. I consistently challenge myself to learn something new every day and am passionate about my work. I am a lover of to do-lists and cannot live without my day planner! I studied fashion previously, and carry my love of high-energy environments, creating beautiful things, executing creative ideas, and thinking on my feet into the wedding industry. I am a true believer in love and soul mates, and I love the symbolism behind the wedding day. My husband is the love of my life and I absolutely adore my family. I love everything that goes into a wedding planning process, from the selection of the gown to the venue, cake tasting, and creative collaboration with my brides and grooms. I would love to meet you and get to know your story!

Meet Kristen Jeremias



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